Online Course

How the Online Course is Designed:

In this online course, I walk you through a transformative 7-step process that covers the full terrain on how to heal the mother wound, as well as offer you tools, resources and tips that will support you on the entire journey. Upon registration you will receive a username and password to access your course content. Course content never expires.

Community Support is included:

Each woman who invests in this course will have access to the support of a vibrant global Facebook group to connect with other women who are also on this healing journey. All who purchase the course also have access to live, bi-weekly Q & A calls.

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Coaching Program for Female Leaders

Create the inner foundation necessary for you to reach extraordinary heights as a leader...

It all comes down to this: How can we step forward to be the powerful, pioneering women we are being called to be—when the patriarchal messages we received from family and culture tell us that we will experience certain loss and rejection if we do? Healing the mother wound is precisely what allows us to detox from these early messages of shame and limitation so that we can fully emerge as unstoppable leaders capable of creating large-scale change for the benefit of all. Are you ready to take a quantum leap? I invite you to explore this high-level private coaching program for women leaders & entrepreneurs.

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As daughters, the relationship with our mothers is one of the most significant in our lives, impacting everything from how we view our bodies to what we feel capable of creating in the world. Feeling anger and sadness towards our mothers when she did not meet our needs is natural yet often stigmatized in our culture, preventing us from moving into our full power as women. Accepting our mother's limitations frees us to claim our inner gifts, without guilt or shame. This workshop gives a roadmap on how to transform the mother wound from a source of pain into a source of wisdom.

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"She’s that good.”

"I suppose it sounds a bit over-the-top to say that Bethany has changed my life, but that hardly makes it less true. Her wisdom, kindness, and personalized-and-powerful care have enabled growth and grace previously only imagined. Without a single hesitation I recommend Bethany’s work to other women over and over again. She’s that good.”

Ronna Detrick

"Today I'm living transformation."

"Through this course I was able to forgive myself and connect with bottomless empathy that I thought wasn't there… The chains I had around my throat and ankles are gone and I'm finally getting out to the world with my message! If I was to describe this transformation with one word it would be – embodiment. It's one thing to know something and it's totally different thing to live it. Today I'm living transformation.
Thank you for holding the space for me to become my true, free, unique self. "

Magdelena Szpilka, Ireland

"It has shifted my life in such huge and sustaining ways that I will be forever grateful"

"Your healing work is transformational. It is deep. It is powerful. It has shifted my life in such huge and sustaining ways that I will be forever grateful. Please bless yourself with the ability to heal and to work with Bethany! Bethany, I feel like all of my prayers for healing have been beautifully wrapped up in you and your work! Thank you!"

Ashley, U.S.

"Bethany's program is astounding! I recommend her work to any woman I come across!"

“Bethany Webster’s coaching program is astounding! More than that, every woman, mother or not, NEEDS to take her program. This coaching program will shake you to your bones and empower you beyond your imagining. Transforming the patterns that keep all women fractured, undervalued and used is the best gift imaginable and Bethany Webster has put together a working process that will indeed free you to be your true and splendid self as a woman. I daily recommend her work to any woman I come across!”

Marcella Matthei, Florida

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