Online Course on Healing the Mother Wound

Over the course of 8 weeks, I'll show you how to transform the mother wound from a source of pain into a source of wisdom that allows you to flourish as your authentic self.

If Any of These Points Sound Familiar...

Dear Women,

  • Has your relationship with you mother been a source of pain or frustration in your life?
  • Do you sense that beliefs or views you inherited from your mother may be holding you back from fulfilling your potential?
  • Have you longing for approval from your mother but never seem to get it?
  • Do you work hard toward goals but feel thwarted by feelings of guilt, fear or shame?
  • Have you been already working on yourself and your replationship with your mother for years, but the same issues keep coming up?
  • Do you have a peaceful relationship with your mother but still have a feeling that unfinished business with her is impacting your life in negative ways?
Here’s the problem...

It’s no secret that many spirit-led women who have incredible gifts and talents often get stuck with fear and self-doubt. One of the big reasons is that the beliefs and patterns that kept us safe in childhood actually become barriers to our empowerment in adulthood. Left unaddressed, these early patterns can lead to being stuck indefinitely with guilt, shame and self-sabotage.

As female children, we inherited a template from our mothers of what it means to be a woman; what is possible and impossible for us; what is expected and what is taboo. These things are so unconscious that we often don’t even know they are there, yet even into our adulthood, they can sabotage us for years. And if we do not take action to change them, possibly our entire lifetimes.

What exactly is the Mother Wound?

The mother wound is a set of beliefs and patterns that originate from early dynamics with your mother that can cause you to unconsciously limit or sabotage yourself. The mother wound can manifest in many different ways: problems with boundaries, giving your power away, feeling unworthy, shrinking to be accepted, being an emotional caretaker of others, etc. The mother wound is also the pain of being a woman passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures.

The high cost of avoiding the mother wound

The core belief within the mother wound is a vague, persistent sense that “There’s something wrong with me.” Left unaddressed, this unconscious belief may touch every area of our lives, causing us to indefinitely remain small, stuck and feeling undeserving. This can result in not fulfilling your potential and arranging your life around “not rocking the boat.”

Healing the Mother Wound is not "blaming your mother"

Because our relationships with our mothers served as the foundation for our relationship with ourselves, they offer massive potential for growth and transformation. That is the point of healing the mother wound; not to blame, not to judge or reject one’s mother. But to experience the peace and freedom of self-actualization, which is the birthright of every woman.

Our Mothers were our first teachers and our first leaders.

Because we live in a patriarchal, male-dominated society, our mothers inevitably and unconsciously passed along messages that cause us to reject ourselves, to dismiss our dreams, and to be small in order to survive. These were the same messages and beliefs that she and her mothers before her had to internalize. While these messages may have helped us physically survive a hostile, unfeeling world as children, they actually inhibit our ability to step forward and live from our authentic power and truth as adult women.

This online course offers you the wisdom I learned through my own journey of healing the mother wound; so that you can remove your core blocks related to your mother and step into your true power. You can do this!

Why Did I Create this Online Course for you?

I created this online course because after spending years healing from the mother wound I experienced results so profound and life-changing that I am passionately dedicated to helping other women experience the same. What I realized is that healing the mother wound is absolutely essential to fully removing the barriers to a woman’s full-scale empowerment and fulfillment.

It is time to own your worth and awaken to your power. The world needs you!

Prior to focusing on healing the mother wound, I tiptoed around it and avoided it. I had low self-esteem, very weak boundaries and a deep sense of shame. I didn't want to look at the mother wound because it was just too painful. Yet, I knew that claiming my power and experiencing true fulfillment required that I address it. I felt stuck. Once I summoned the courage to directly address the pain in the mother wound and got the support I needed to do so, my life changed dramatically and new horizons opened to me that I never would have imagined!

During the most difficult times of my healing process, I wished I had a woman in my life who had already gone through this process to show me that it IS possible to come out the other side of the mother wound.

I want to be that person for you!

When you focus on healing the mother wound you are no longer dealing with multiple symptoms or surface problems in your life, you are actually dealing with the central point from which many major issues arise. Because a woman’s relationship with her mother is so central and foundational, it touches on every area of a woman’s life and so the scale of healing and transformation is unlimited.

My goal is simple:

To provide you with the tools necessary to dismantle the dysfunctional patterns within the mother wound that have kept you stuck and to build new structures that support you in authentically living as your true self. If you’re fully committed to your growth and empowerment, and are READY to move through this, I invite you to invest in yourself with this online course.

Having spent over a decade on my own healing journey, I have created a roadmap of the healing process that can benefit all women across the spectrum of mother/daughter relationships, from those with peaceful relationships with their mothers to those with difficult relationships.

In this online course, I’ll walk you through a transformative 7-step process that covers the full terrain on how to heal the mother wound, as well as offer you tools, resources and tips that will support you on the entire journey.

How the Online Course is Designed:

Upon registration you will receive a username and password to access your course content for the Introduction and Step 1. Each week, for a total of 8 weeks, you’ll receive new content and exercises to complete for each module. After those 8 weeks, course materials will be available to you indefinitely.

Community Support is included

Each woman who invests in this course will have access to a secret, private Facebook group to connect with other women who are also on this journey. In addition, all who purchase the course have access to Q & A calls held twice a month.

Here's What's Covered in The Online Course!

Module 1

Understand your mother as your Foundation

  • Understand how your mother has served as the foundation for who you are right now.
  • Explore how the unconscious patterns and primary issues that form the mother wound have kept you stuck and prevented you from claiming your true potential up to point.
  • Discover how your current beliefs about your body, food, financial abundance, relationship, etc. have been unconsciously shaped by your mother's beliefs.

Module 2

Identify the Taboos and Stereotypes that have prevented you from healing the mother wound

  • Pinpoint the cultural taboos and stereotypes that reinforce shame for feeling the pain of the mother wound, causing it to go underground and impacting your life in negative ways.
  • Claim your worth and authenticity by removing the outworn masks you have worn to protect the wound but that have kept painful patterns in place.
  • Understand the greater societal and social context that perpetuates the mother wound through the generations and how you can stop the cycle.

Module 3

Address the "Mother Gap"

  • Get mental clarity on precisely what you missed so that you can fully grieve and finally fill the mother gap from within.
  • Discover the ways you have compensated for the mother gap in your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.
  • Develop a new relationship to the feelings you've been defending against and allow for contact with them to create change in your life.

Module 4

Give up the impossible dream that one day your mother will transform into the mother you've always wanted her to be

  • Contact the child within you who is still waiting for her mother to show up and learn how to provide the support she needs to finally and fully let go.
  • Learn that the mother wound is not a personal deficiency in yourself; but simply a deficit in the environment, i.e., a natural result due to environmental factors present in your childhood.
  • Dissolve the pattern of looking outside of yourself for validation and projecting your need for mothering onto other people, allowing for greater self-love, ease and connection in your relationships.

Module 5

Allow Yourself to Grieve

  • Allow yourself to mourn and grieve for what you needed and to feel the legitimacy of your pain. This step clears the way for shifts that were previously impossible.
  • Get tips and tools on how to counter the cultural and familial messages that tell us we should not address our grief.
  • Learn skills to support yourself through the grieving process. Understand that giving yourself permission to grieve is giving yourself permission to experience freedom and peace.

Module 6

Transform the Inner Mother from one of limitation into one of unconditional love and support

  • Transfer the primary attachment bond from the mother that cannot meet your needs to an inner mother that will always be there for you.
  • Learn how we have a second chance in adulthood at filling the "mother gap" with our own self-love and how to build the new structure to support that.
  • Learn the five essentails of self-care and how to put them into action.
  • Learn the importance of the restorative relationship and how that solidifies the healing and helps you to come out the other side.

Module 7

Emergence: Living Life Beyond the Mother Wound

  • As the mother wound is increasingly healed, an incredible amount of energy is returned to you and available for new ventures and a new way of being. Create a clear, new vision and plan for your life beyond the mother wound.
  • Identify new beliefs that reflect your new way of Being and discover how to activate and embody them on daily basis.
  • The healing process is organic and has its own timeline. Get important tips that will support you for years to come as you continue to emerge into self-actualization.

"I've tried so many things but this was such a thorough, deep and life changing process. I am truly re-born."

"The journey through the modules took me all the way to the deepest abyss and back to the light. The endless "aha" moments brought forth a huge paradigm shift that catapulted me to the new level that I thought was not reachable for me in this life. I cannot thank you enough. I've tried so many things, done so much healing, took so many courses, but this was such a thorough, deep and life-changing process. I am truly re-born."

Magdalena Szpilka, Ireland

I HIGHLY Recommend this Course

I have done a lot of therapy on my relationship with my mother which is now very loving, but Bethany has made me much more aware of my mother wound and how to heal it, as well as how to birth the mother within myself. I am so grateful to Bethany for sharing her experience, intuition and wisdom in such a simple, gentle, heartfelt way in her course. I highly recommended this program to all Women!

Melinda, Barcelona, Spain

Presence and Power!

Bethany has created such a fantastic course! It is filled with so much valuable content. She has synthesized such a huge and deep issue so clearly. And she offers it with so much presence and power!

Sophia, Barcelona, Spain

Results are What You're Investing In!

Here's a sampling of what is possible when you show up fully and commit to the process of healing the mother wound!

  • Give yourself permission to succeed and achieve more than you previously thought possible
  • Set healthy boundaries and own your worth
  • Feel worthy and capable of creating better relationships
  • Blossom into full authenticity: discover your true needs and desires
  • Go from struggle to "flow." Re-define self-care and implement it daily
  • Feel safe within: become increasily rooted in your goodness and wholeness
  • Feel more connected to life. Know that you truly belong
  • Step into your purpose and dreams; go for what you really want
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About your coach, Bethany Webster

Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach, international speaker and what you could call a midwife of the heart. Her work is focused on helping women heal the mother wound so that they can step into their full power and potential. She teaches workshops, an online course and offers a coaching program for women leaders who want to accelerate their impact and leadership.