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About Bethany Webster

Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach, international speaker and what you could call a midwife of the heart. Her work is focused on helping women heal the mother wound so that they can step into their full power and potential. She teaches workshops, an online course and offers a coaching program for women leaders who want to accelerate their impact and leadership.


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My primary focus is on educating women on the importance of healing the mother wound and providing the coaching necessary to navigate the healing process. This work is the result of my own healing journey which has spanned over a decade.

It all began at the age of 19 after finding myself unexpectedly pregnant and making the decision: "I cannot give birth to someone else until I have first given birth to myself." Having the abortion started me on an intense path of personal growth that including long-term depth therapy, self-help techniques, the study of meditation and the spirituality of the divine feminine. However, during the early years I avoided the mother wound because it felt just too painful to face. I continued only addressing the symptoms and surface problems that resulted from it.

However, when I finally felt strong enough to focus directly on healing the mother wound and all the pain surrounding it, I began to experience the most profound, life-changing shifts in myself, in my relationships and in my spirituality as well.

Through going through this healing process myself, I realized that for every human being, the very first wound of the heart happens at the site of the mother, the feminine. And through the process of healing that original wound, our hearts evolve from a compromised state of defensiveness and fear to a whole new level of love and power. In this way, the mother wound is an opportunity and an initiation into the felt experience of oneness and unity with all life.

My goal is to share with others that our wounds are not something to avoid or be ashamed of but powerful opportunities to step into our authentic truth and power.

I teach a 7-step "roadmap" for how to navigate the process of healing the mother wound. I teach this process in three different formats; an online course, workshops, and a 6-month coaching program for female leaders & entrepreneurs.

Training and Background:

I have bachelors and masters degrees in psychology. I received training in facilitation and divine feminine leadership in the Priestess Path Apprenticeship. I've completed training in Life Coaching from Joanna Lindenbaum and Holistic MBA. My writing has appeared in numerous online platforms. Prior to coaching, I worked in academia in the area of research ethics and also as a writer/editor in an academic medical center in New York City.


Marion Woodman, James Hollis, Joseph Campbell, Kim Chernin, Adrienne Rich, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Rumi, Eve Ensler, Cynthia Bourgeault, Ramana Maharshi, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jeannie Zandi, John Bradshaw, Adyashanti and Gangaji


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The content of this blog is informational in nature and intended to inspire women to fulfill their potential. The information is based on my own education, life experiences, memories, perspectives and opinions. Any information about events or people is based on my own recollection to the best of my knowledge and is done so with discretion, when it is essential to writing on a given topic. While I do have degrees in psychology, I am not a licensed psychotherapist. If you are seeking medical, professional or legal advice, please contact those professionals who are licensed to provide that information. All content on this site is intellectual property and may not be reproduced without permission. Attendees of workshops or online course are not authorized to teach this information. Thank you.

“The mother wound isn’t something we need to avoid or feel shame about, it’s a doorway to our full power and potential.” ~Bethany Webster

"I am finally starting to step into my power and for that I am truly grateful"

"Despite being a therapist for the last 10 years, I realize now how much I was avoiding looking at this area of my life. It was only as I was getting more and more women come through my clinic mirroring this at me that this area opened up to me but I really didn't know how to delve deeper. Your course has put into words and given me clarity for everything I was feeling and experiencing and is helping me heal. Its painful, challenging, amazing and insightful, I feel like I am finally starting to step into my power and for that I am truly grateful."

Amanda Hassan-Ally, UK

"I've tried so many things but this was such a thorough, deep and life changing process. I am truly re-born."

"The journey through the modules took me all the way to the deepest abyss and back to the light. The endless "aha" moments brought forth a huge paradigm shift that catapulted me to the new level that I thought was not reachable for me in this life. I cannot thank you enough. I've tried so many things, done so much healing, took so many courses, but this was such a thorough, deep and life-changing process. I am truly re-born."

Magdalena Szpilka, Ireland

"You've put together an amazing way to safely journey through very confusing territory."

"Dear Bethany …. I don't know where to begin …. your course has made so much difference to me and I'm so grateful to you for creating it. Despite doing a lot of deep work over many years I still felt totally stuck …. as if in a sticky web. Your course opened my eyes and validated my experience in ways that made it safe to see and feel what hadn't been safe to see or feel before. I feel much safer in my own skin."

Jude, Australia

"I strongly recommend Bethany's coaching program to every woman. What a profound, ground-breaking work!"

"I would strongly recommend Bethany's coaching program to every woman. What a profound, ground-breaking work! And how lucky we are to have such a brilliant pioneer offering us a new vision on how to become more free, authentic and powerful as women. I feel deeply inspired and grateful to be part of this evolutionary step."

Esther Teule, Meditation teacher at, Netherlands

Receive a FREE copy of my e-book “Transforming the Inner Mother"

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