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Why it's Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

What many people do not realize is that the core issue at the center of women's empowerment is the mother wound.

Difficulty and challenges between mothers and daughters are rampant and widespread but not openly spoken about. The taboo about speaking about the pain of the mother wound is what keeps it in place and keeps it hidden in shadow, festering and out of view.

What exactly is the mother wound?

The mother wound is the pain of being a woman passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. And it includes the dysfunctional coping mechanisms that are used to process that pain.

The mother wound includes the pain of... READ MORE!

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Introductory "Mini-Course" on Healing the Mother Wound

Introductory "Mini-Course" on Healing the Mother Wound

Created in collaboration with The Woman's Network, this introductory 4-week Mini-Course explores what the mother wound is, how it impacts you and guides you into powerful healing breakthroughs and insights.

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Comprehensive Online Course

Comprehensive Online Course

This comprehensive course is designed to give you the full roadmap of how to heal the mother wound. An amazing value including community support and lifetime access to premium content.

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Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Ready to take a quantum leap? Get the support you need to fully emerge from the mother wound and flourish in every area of your life.


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Progressing on the Sacred Spiral of Healing: The Importance of Long-term Support

Longing for relief from pain is natural. It is human. But if we are to truly mature as a species and truly heal, we must change our view from seeking relief away from our wounds and instead seek relief through the transformation of ourselves through them.

Happy "Inner Mother's" Day: Acknowledging the Myth and Embracing Your Truth

Mothers deprived of their own source of emotional nourishment will see their daughters boundaries as an attack and typically respond with a chilling coldness, devoid of anything we would call "mother."

Introducing the Mini-Course on Healing the Mother Wound

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a new 4-week, self-led Mini-Course on Healing the Mother Wound! This mini-course was created in collaboration with The Woman’s Network, a forum for women’s wisdom that is currently featuring my work on healing the mother wound.

High-quality, in-Depth, Genuine Program!

"I would like to express gratitude for this high-quality, in-depth, genuine program! The generous amounts of insights and variety of tools offered are unique. The program addresses and enlightens every corner of the wounding with care, beauty and respect, bringing expanded awareness and transformation.Thank you for you pioneer-work Bethany!"

Selene, Finland

"I whole-heartedly recommend this training to all women!"

"I was deeply moved by the content, the support from Bethany herself and her deep commitment to holding women through this transformative awakening and healing process. Bethany skillfully assisted in navigating me through my grieving process and onto a place now of confidently welcoming all that continues to unfold in my awareness. I whole-heartedly recommend this training to all women!"

Mandy Adams, Womb Yoga Teacher, Menstruality Educator, UK

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